Drop-Ship Coaching

I offer an A-Z walkthrough for how I scaled my very first e-commerce store to over $100,000 in sales in under 5 MONTHS.

I have spent tons of time wandering around the internet in search of the perfect product research strategy and advertising strategy, only to find hundreds random methods that were out dated and didn't even work.

Facebook ads are expensive and don't deliver results. Think about it like this....

If you promote a product for $10, and spend $10 on ads to get 100 visitors to your product, you will need to sell 10 products to recoup your investment.

Now this is highly unlikely unless you're spending THOUSANDS on Facebook ads to train your pixel and collect data. For many beginners, this is just not doable...


High Ticket Dropshipping.

That's right. We will be selling products for a MINIMUM of $1,000, so that you can spend LESS money on ads and actually make MORE money in less time.

This is the absolute most beginner friendly method for almost any form of online business.

I've wasted tons of money and time trying to solidify a strong money making method that will work for me time and time again, and I have finally found it.

In our 3 months of coaching plan, I will also include an additional month absolutely FREE!

Here is more of a breakdown of what you'll get:

  • Step-by-step zoom calls every week with an ACTIONABLE structured program provided by me, so you're not wasting time.

  • Print outs and worksheets for my 6 figure product research method, so you are organized and working efficiently

  • (3 Month Plan Only): Our team's support desk email and phone number so you can call and email any time, and we will answer your questions

  • Custom videos recorded by me sent to you to keep you on track throughout the week

I have spent tons of time and money to provide the perfect teaching program to start bringing in your success immediately.

You may be thinking, "how long will it take me to start making money?"

With this method, the very first store I launched, I made over $4,000 in sales after 3 weeks of launching my store.

If you follow my teachings carefully, you will absolutely start seeing sky-rocket success in a short period of time.

If you're still on the fence,  I completely get it. You're not alone.

Lots of people are on the fence on whether or not to invest in their education...

And they stay on the fence, and never see success.

It sounds intense...and it is.


I've invested tons of money in coaching and courses and I always am excited to invest in it because I know every time I do I will soon be reaching the next level in my career.

Many others stay miserable working at a job that they hate, slamming their heads in a cubicle with no freedom of time doing the things they enjoy.

I get to choose when I work, when I want to work, and if I decide to take the day off to spend with my girlfriend and my family, I get to do just that.

You will not regret it. And if you decide it's completely no longer for you and you want to back out, I will offer a 30 day refund policy and only charge you for the zoom calls I provided.

GOOD LUCK! See you on the other side of success :)